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Turns Out I’m Sexist

Despite the name of this blog and the subject of my very first post, I don’t consider myself a particularly good feminist. I chose the name because I’m a girl. No grand mission statement here. Yes, I believe in equality, and that it’s not currently in an optimal state, but I have a tendency to take the idea that I can do whatever I want for granted.

And then Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter starts trending, and I start to wonder more specifically where I fall on the video game feminism rainbow.

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The Old Republic’s Legacy

In my experience with MMOs, once you hit the level cap and move into the notorious end game, that’s when you start to focus on the activities that require large groups. In SW:TOR, I have no large group, and yet months later, I am still playing, even in spite of the fact that I am not a particular fan of the Star Wars IP.

How does “What a world!” sound in Jawaese?

Why is this?

In short, the Legacy system.

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I finally spotted #MMONBI (Newbie Blogger Initiative) after the event ended. It might have helped me get through last month. But Windsoar put together a list of all the advice that was given out over the month, and it deserves to be shared. Most of it applies to people who aren’t interested in writing about MMOs as well!

Jaded Alt

The Newbie Blogger Initiative was a great success, and in addition to all the new bloggers who got started, there were also a ton of articles on a multitude of topics about blogging. Since I’m such a list compiler, I’ve decided to put together this final compilation of all the advice that was given (and hopefully received!) during our newbie blog drive. Thanks for all your contributions!

Special thanks to Syp for getting us all together, and Binkenstein and Rezznul for reviewing and tweaking my categories.

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Diablo III: Dungeon Sweeper Deluxe

From the perspective of someone who played the first Diablo but never finished it, Diablo III has turned out to be quite the treat.

Having not looked into the game in advance, I was surprised to see it was the same as the original — slightly fancier graphics, but same complete lack of camera control and same environments rendered from only one direction. I went in almost expecting a standard high fantasy hack-and-slash RPG in three dimensions with some hell to explore.

Oh, Tristram. Never change.

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