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First Impressions: TERA and The Secret World

I recently had a chance to try a couple of the new MMOs on the market! Always fun.


I bought TERA on sale, so I played through the initial month.

It’s even better up close.

The most striking thing about TERA is the graphics. TERA is a beautiful game. It’s similar to the Lineage games for good reason, considering a lawsuit was actually filed against TERA‘s publishers for theft of trade secrets. I enjoyed the Lineage games for their graphics, but not much else. The music in TERA is absolutely lovely. In many MMOs, I listen to the music a few times, then replace it with my own, but I found myself looking forward to listening to the music while doing quests and hearing new music as I explored. Continue reading


Mass Effect Versus Mode: Gameplay Round

Welcome to the first installment of my extensive comparative review of all three games in the Mass Effect series.

The first Mass Effect game introduces us to Shepard and her world. We learn about the human Alliance in relation to the Citadel Council aliens who actually control the known galaxy. The universe unfolds compellingly and beautifully. And this is coming from someone with a definite distaste for the shallow, technical nature of most science fiction. The Mass Effect universe is one of politics, glorious, intriguing, wonderful, adventure-filled politics. The moment I first stepped on to the grand Citadel as Shepard, I was hooked. The space magic that is “biotics” doesn’t hurt either.

Mass Effect 2 takes the world we received in the first game and makes it bigger, populates it with more interesting denizens and conflicts in truly epic fashion. Mass Effect 3 then takes the varied, exciting world and ties it all together.

But that’s just the beginning. I’ve played all three games through a few times, and I find they all have different appealing and unappealing qualities. So I’m going to pit them against each other and declare a winner. For this round, I’m not going to touch the story, because that’s a whole other universe.

Ready? Fight!

Many, many spoilers ahead.

Continue reading