GW2 PvP Woes

No thought going into this post, other than QQ.

I hope everybody who asked for custom PvP teams is happy, because I lost the ability to be on random teams every time and have close games every match. That’s gone now. Now it’s brutal defeat or yawning wins on every random server I try. Well, it was nice enjoying PvP for a while.


2 responses to “GW2 PvP Woes

  • lorehound

    When I first began my foray into the sPvP aspect of GW2, more times than not I was getting face-rolled. Back, to back, to back… to back.

    Now. It’s an entirely different story – without dedicating an insane amount of time and just doing the PvP daily, I actually learned more about my Mesmer than I ever thought I would. I mainly realized the situational usefulness of some skills over others. This is really what put me over the top. I rarely score below 150 in games now. I consider that a decent bottom in hot-join games. I scored 420+ in a game today.

  • Danielle


    I hardly even look at my scores. From the beginning I've been rather obsessed with nothing more than keeping my win/loss ratio better than 1:1. Which is a bit silly if you think about it, as that's as much reliant on up to seven strangers as it is on me. I have tendency to play defense, though, which while you get some points for it in most PvP map-style games, will never get as much as racking up kills.

    I was very cranky post-patch when I posted this, as I seemed to be entering match after match where clearly one team had voice communications and the other (mine) was flailing about randomly.

    However, after a few incidents of that where I was beginning to believe I would be forced to suffer forever, I magically landed in a game where there was no chance to choose which side to be on and the sides were mixed up randomly every time! Once I realized that condition still existed, I started joining and leaving random matches until I found the right kind, and then I was happy again, sometimes facerolled sometimes facerolling.

    I of course considered creating my own server and trying to figure out exactly which settings to pick to get it to work like that, but the idea of waiting for it to fill up with people and playing 2v3 games in the meantime was unappealing. And I'm lazy.

    But I haven't touched PvP since I finished my monthly… in the first week of the month. Lalala~

    You're right, though, I learned a ton about my class to the point that I don't feel anywhere near as comfortable playing with the alts in the barn as I do with my main.

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