Back to the Future: Tyria Edition

Wait, no. This is the past. Except, when we’re done with the past, we go… back to the future! Just like Marty McFly! We could be in the movies!

Except they’d technically be machinima. And probably awkward and unwatchable.


My friend and I have been taking a trip through the original Guild Wars game to try and get a handle on some of the lore, especially since our characters are really interested in the history (IC) and it can be really difficult to extract any history from GW2 without leaving the game world and delving into the masses of internets.

Some things never change.

Some things never change. Time elapsed between those screenshots: approximately 8 years.

We’re not the only ones doing it, either. While hanging around Ascalon City last night, someone was talking in the local chat about how they had come from roleplaying in GW2 and were playing the original to learn the lore. There was much unspoken togetherness love.

I’m surprised how well the game has held up. Yes, the models are polygon-y, but the art and environments are still appreciably beautiful, at least as beautiful as a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland can be. And because of how hardware has changed over the years, it’s easy to play on max settings, ha!

I miss jumping. And being able to run down slight slopes. When I see a horizon line, I expect to be able to run towards it, taking massive falling damage as required from cliffs between me and the sunset. When the road jackknifes behind me, I expect to be able to just keep running past the corner, but the invisible walls in Guild Wars are rampant!

Crying Disgaea Prinny shamelessly posted from K.L.S. Art.We ran into a little problem with the “Enter Mission” button. It’s practically invisible, and only the party leader has it. So “we” (meaning I) fell into a strange situation of standing in Embark Beach, the ultimate hub for every location in the game and all of its expansions, with no idea what the heck we were supposed to be doing and no ability to actually get to any location except the one we’d come from. (Your dood does not meet the requirements to travel to this location.)

If you happen to also be trying the original Guild Wars and get stuck without more content at level 10, pay attention here!

We wandered around for a while before finally checking the masses of internets and finding out we were not the only ones who had run into this problem (*coughArenaNetcough*). And I finally saw the small gray button between many small gray buttons in my party window that I was able to click (and solely responsible for clicking) while in the last region we’d been sent to (Great Northern Wall) in order to get us moving forward PvE-wise again.

Might want to make that button flash or something, ANet, or paint a big red arrow towards it the first time it comes up.

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