Why is giving up such a crime?

As someone struggling with mental issues, giving up is something I do every day on a variety of scales from “absolutely everything” to “this game”. I give up on projects. I give up on jobs. I give up on ideas. I give up on people.

But that’s the worst thing you can do, right? Give up? No matter what you’re doing, it’s better to keep trudging forward than to give up, right? You’ll never amount to anything if you can’t stick to it. When you just can’t take something anymore, you’re branded as something rotten for not seeing it through.

Type “give up” into Google image search and see what you get. Every time someone says “never give up”, I can’t help but scoff. Easiest thing in the world to say.

But I’ve been wondering. Is the sheer horror ascribed to the sin of “giving up” a cultural thing? Is it a North American thing? Is it an Age of the Internet thing?

Is it a first world problem? Comfort is the enemy of achievement after all, right? People who can’t find enough to eat don’t have the luxury of giving up, right?

What does this have to do with gaming? It’s a pretty big deal in the world of MMOs. Nobody likes a guild-hopper. Having a long roster of groups you’ve played with in the past is a bad thing, not a good thing.

But why? Is it because unless you can invest a certain amount of time in a group (read: forever), you as a player are not of any value to said group? You gave up in the past. You will give up in the future. You are rotten.

I don’t know. I don’t have any answers. After all, I give up.

Remember all the things we wanted? Now all our memories, they’re haunted. We were always meant to say goodbye. Even with our fists held high, it never would have worked out right. We were never meant for do or die.

Thanks, Kelly.


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