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Why is giving up such a crime?

As someone struggling with mental issues, giving up is something I do every day on a variety of scales from “absolutely everything” to “this game”. I give up on projects. I give up on jobs. I give up on ideas. I give up on people.

But that’s the worst thing you can do, right? Give up? No matter what you’re doing, it’s better to keep trudging forward than to give up, right? You’ll never amount to anything if you can’t stick to it. When you just can’t take something anymore, you’re branded as something rotten for not seeing it through. Continue reading


BioWare! Stahp!


I’m a far cry from reddit, but the above image is relevant to my interests.

So the past little while I’ve been indulging in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and having a fabulous time. It’s been wonderful to come back and see all the new content added since the last time I played.

And then, a few days into my blissful rediscovery, this is posted:

Nice to see you again. We’ve been doing awesome lately, so we’re shutting down. Sucks to be you!

Mother—(assorted cursing here.) Damn it! I just got back! I was even promoting all my guys because I’d read that the next weekend operation would be promotion based. Why do you do this to me, BioWare? Do you think it’s fun? This isn’t teasing! It’s agony. Please stop. Please.

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Hardcore Raiders Are More Effective Than Harvard Grads

You heard me.

This guy would rather hire a World of Warcraft raider than a Harvard MBA.

Wait. What?

Stopping to consider the experiences I had in World of Warcraft,  a lot of them would be transferable to the business world.

Obviously, as a raid leader there were leadership tasks, scheduling, conflict settlement, hiring and firing, strategic decisions, stepping in, backup planning, preparation, and performance evaluation. I’ve done all those things. Admittedly, not all of them are easy, but compared to someone fresh out of Harvard? Continue reading

Turns Out I’m Sexist

Despite the name of this blog and the subject of my very first post, I don’t consider myself a particularly good feminist. I chose the name because I’m a girl. No grand mission statement here. Yes, I believe in equality, and that it’s not currently in an optimal state, but I have a tendency to take the idea that I can do whatever I want for granted.

And then Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter starts trending, and I start to wonder more specifically where I fall on the video game feminism rainbow.

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Diablo III: Dungeon Sweeper Deluxe

From the perspective of someone who played the first Diablo but never finished it, Diablo III has turned out to be quite the treat.

Having not looked into the game in advance, I was surprised to see it was the same as the original — slightly fancier graphics, but same complete lack of camera control and same environments rendered from only one direction. I went in almost expecting a standard high fantasy hack-and-slash RPG in three dimensions with some hell to explore.

Oh, Tristram. Never change.

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