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Back to the Future: Tyria Edition

Wait, no. This is the past. Except, when we’re done with the past, we go… back to the future! Just like Marty McFly! We could be in the movies!

Except they’d technically be machinima. And probably awkward and unwatchable.


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Press Enter for Story

I never had anyone ask me how to get into gaming before.  I assumed everyone who wanted to be into gaming was already into gaming, but I didn’t consider the possibility that some people who love stories in other media might be curious about the great stories they hear about from gamers.

It’s difficult for me to give a how-to guide on entering the world of story-based gaming, because I was effectively born into it.  (Thank the original Zork, circa 1980.)  But I can consolidate a few ideas that might help ease the transition for non-gamers. Continue reading