Why is giving up such a crime?

As someone struggling with mental issues, giving up is something I do every day on a variety of scales from “absolutely everything” to “this game”. I give up on projects. I give up on jobs. I give up on ideas. I give up on people.

But that’s the worst thing you can do, right? Give up? No matter what you’re doing, it’s better to keep trudging forward than to give up, right? You’ll never amount to anything if you can’t stick to it. When you just can’t take something anymore, you’re branded as something rotten for not seeing it through. Continue reading

Back to the Future: Tyria Edition

Wait, no. This is the past. Except, when we’re done with the past, we go… back to the future! Just like Marty McFly! We could be in the movies!

Except they’d technically be machinima. And probably awkward and unwatchable.


Continue reading

GW2 PvP Woes

No thought going into this post, other than QQ.

I hope everybody who asked for custom PvP teams is happy, because I lost the ability to be on random teams every time and have close games every match. That’s gone now. Now it’s brutal defeat or yawning wins on every random server I try. Well, it was nice enjoying PvP for a while.

A Tribute Rant for my Shepards

Kotaku’s been doing a little Mass Effect tribute this week.

I’ve never lost a Shepard. Unless you count the one on the XBox. And I have four, three of whom will never die. Here’s my little contribution to this tribute.

Not a flattering image, but he’s not a flattering person.

Name: Callum Shepard

Backstory: Ruthless Earthborn

Paragon/Renegade: Renegade

Favourite Memory: The first thing that comes to mind is the interrupt in the Assassin quest. “I’ve got nothing to say to you. If you shoot me–“, says the Eclipse mook before being unceremoniously shoved through a plate glass window. “How about ‘goodbye’?” I got this warm fuzzy feeling all over after that, well, after I finished laughing. Continue reading

BioWare! Stahp!


I’m a far cry from reddit, but the above image is relevant to my interests.

So the past little while I’ve been indulging in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and having a fabulous time. It’s been wonderful to come back and see all the new content added since the last time I played.

And then, a few days into my blissful rediscovery, this is posted:

Nice to see you again. We’ve been doing awesome lately, so we’re shutting down. Sucks to be you!

Mother—(assorted cursing here.) Damn it! I just got back! I was even promoting all my guys because I’d read that the next weekend operation would be promotion based. Why do you do this to me, BioWare? Do you think it’s fun? This isn’t teasing! It’s agony. Please stop. Please.

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